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One Bitcoin Could Be Divided Down To __ Decimal Points || “1 Bitcoin= ?”

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is made up of two words – Bit + Coin here Bit means small and Coin means currency. BTC is the first digital or virtual currency, which cannot be seen or touched. It works independently without any bank or government. It can be used for a medium of exchange i.e. transactions.

Some important terms

What is Cryptography?

The word cryptography is made up of two words crypto+graphy. Here the word Crypto means hidden or secret and the word Graphy means writing i.e. “Cryptography” means “secret writing”. The ability to exchange messages that can only be read by the receiver.
Cryptography is used for many purposes. To secure various transactions on the network, control new currency units, and verify digital assets and tokens.

What is Peer-to-Peer?

Peer-to-peer means a way of exchanging data, information, or assets without the involvement of a central authority.
It is used in sharing between computers and networks and trading virtual currencies.

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a public digital ledger of transactions that records information to make it difficult to hack or alter. Blockchain technology gives individuals a secure way to deal directly with each other, without governments, banks, or other third parties.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin transactions are operated through cryptography. Cryptography is a computer database that keeps transactions secure. Which can be sent from one person to another with peer-to-peer technology. After sending it is included in the Blockchain so that the included it cannot be spent twice.

History of Bitcoin

It was invented in 2008 by an unknown person using the name of Satoshi Nakamoto – a citizen of Japan. The use of Bitcoin began in 2009 when it was released as open-source software.

Creation of Bitcoin

The creation of Bitcoin is called mining. A large amount of electricity is used in mining if we talk about the figures, 1,544 kWh of electricity is used in the manufacture of one BTC, which is an average of 53 days of electricity consumption for people living in America.

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One Bitcoin Could Be Divided Down To ____ Decimal Points

Similar FAQs

Q. How many decimal points are in one BTC?

Q. Why is the divisibility of bitcoin so important?

Q. Which is the smallest fraction of a BTC?

Q. What is the value of one Satoshi bitcoin?

Answer- One Bitcoin could be divided down to 8 decimal points.


  • The smallest unit of Bitcoin is Satoshi which means 1 BTC = 10000000 Satoshi.
  • 1 Bitcoin is divisible to One Hundred million (100,000,000) little tiny pieces called a Satoshi.
  • A single Bitcoin is divisible down to 0.00000001 Bitcoin i.e 8 Decimal Points.


What was the starting price of bitcoins?

When it was launched in 2009. So its price was 0.060 rupees. That is, in about 12 years.

Which is the cheapest crypto currency?

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Tron, Wink, Ripple

Is bitcoins legal in India?

Not legal in India yet. The government has not approved such a currency. But you can buy or sell online.

How many types of crypto currency are there?

At the moment most people are buying bitcoins. But apart from this, you can also invest money in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ripple and Litecoin in the market.

Is bitcoins safe?

Yes, it is safe to a large extent.
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